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Hautes-Pyrenees, Aure Valley II, Township of Arreau

Hautes-Pyrénées, Vallée d'Aure, II Canton d'Arreau

Pierre-Yves Corbel, Anne-Marie Uffler

Coll. Indicateurs du Patrimoine

Accord Edition, Toulouse


ISSN 1258-3227

ISBN 2-908695-33-2

This publication is the second part of a heritage inventory of the Aure Valley. It covers the Northern part of the valley, corresponding to the present-day canton of Arreau. A first volume, published in 1999, set out the results of a survey carried out in the canton of Vielle-Aure. This central Pyrenean valley was dominated by farming and stock-raising for many years. The importance accorded to the passing on of the family house from generation to generation is noteworthy in an otherwise mostly collective system. The 1850s saw the building of the canal de la Neste, the opening of the 'route thermale' road linking different spa towns and plans for a railway, all harbingers of more radical changes yet to come. Other economic activities came to the fore in the 20th century, boosting the economy and the size of the local population - both factors which have facilitated the rediscovery of a fascinating cultural heritage.